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How to contact us...

You may contact us to order, ask questions about items, or just for a little (or a lot) of friendly conversation. We are available in a number of different ways.

A real high tech way to contact us is by E-mail. Any time you see this-

E-mail us at

Just click on the underlined text, and it should wake up the email part of your browser, and cause it to address a email letter to us. All you have to do is type in what you want ot say and press send. It should even give us your return address automatically. You can even do it here.

A slightly less high tech way would be to fax us. Our fax number is (503) 370-8301. For those of you outside North America, the country code is "1". This is a dedicated line, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An even less high tech, but still entirely satisfactory method is to call us.

We are usually in the office from about 7AM until 5PM Pacific time on weekdays, sporadically on weekends, and can be reached at (503) 370-7461. You can call this number 24 hrs a day, 7 days and leave a message if nobody is here.

Occasionally we are all out of town gathering new inventory, and /or off duty, in which case you'll just have to leave a message, and we will respond in the order they were taken.

A real low tech way to contact us would be via US Mail. Our Postal address is:

Pacific Rim Camera

1965 Davcor St SE

Salem, OR 97302

If you call, fax or E-mail (or even postal mail)an order, we will hold the items until your payment arrives. Please let us know your preferred method of shipping, and your shipping address so we can estimate the cost.

Warranties, problems and such...

All items are sold as-is. Some of this stuff is older than dirt. Other stuff isn't. I try as best I can to list defects, and accurately describe what I am selling. Assume that all items are working- shutters open and close, meters respond to light. I don't test anything for accuracy. We do offer a generous 10 day return privilege for anything except parts cameras that you buy, provided the item is returned in the same condition it was shipped. You may return anything for any reason, even if you just plain change your mind, without a restocking fee. If you do decide to return an item, please let us know it's coming so we can expect it, and why it's coming back (that way we won't put a defective camera back into inventory without noting or fixing the defect).

We have made mistakes before. We have sent packages to the wrong people. We have sent packages to the wrong country. We've lost orders and forgotten to call people back. We will make more mistakes. (I shudder to think what new ways of making mistakes E-mail will provide). In spite of this, we have built a loyal customer base. Some of our best customers are customers who at one time or another have had their orders screwed up! We believe in what we sell, we believe in service, and if something goes wrong, we believe in making it right. We do not expect to get flamed in, or anywhere else. We also do not post where we are not welcome (with a couple of past exceptions that stem from my ignorance).

Payment and shipping

All prices are in US dollars. Payment may be by check, cashiers check, or money order, in US funds. We can now accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We need the name as it appears on the card, the card number and expiration date. Prices do not include shipping. We will ship Fed Ex, UPS or US mail. Fed Ex is usually the most expensive., UPS kinda falls in the middle. I used to feel that the US mail was the worst way to ship, but the bulk of our shipping now goes through them. They really have gotten their act together. Express Mail (EMS) is the same service as FedEx, but cheaper. And EMS is occasionally cheaper than regular air mail overseas. We now recommend US mail for most deliveries, but it's your call.

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