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Zeiss Ikon Baby Box Tengor

Although the Baby Box Tengors technically belong with the rest of the 54 series Box Tengors, the are usually called  Baby Box Tengors, so I've listed them separately.

The baby series are all for 3x4cm on 127 film, and carry the Zeiss number 54/18. They all use a wire frame finder that pulls up out of the top, the back eyepiece folds flat on the top. All but the earliest examples require the wire finder to be pulled up for the shutter to fire.

The first version was introduced in 1931, with a plain leather front. It came with a Frontar f/11 lens. In 1934 it was given a decorative hexagon metal plate surrounding the lens. It was discontinued in 1938.

Also released in 1931 was a model with a focusing 6.3 Novar lens, which also had a metal hexagon surrounding the lens. It was given the Zeiss number 54/18(E), which makes absolutely no sense to me.

The Baby Box Tengor, 1931 model.

The Baby Box Tengor, 1934-38 model.