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Zeiss Ikon Baldur Box (and Erabox)

In 1934 Zeiss restyled their Box Tengor line of box cameras. In tandem, they introduced the Baldur Box as a less expensive alternative. It appears the Erabox is a name variant of the Baldur Box, but other than the name they are the same camera. It is unclear whether the Baldur Box and Erabox were produced concurrently, but the Baldur Box was discontinued in 1936 where the Erabox was produced until 1938.

Both cameras were available in two sizes, 4.5 x 6cm and 6 x 9cm, both using 120 film. The Baldur Box carried Zeiss numbers of 51 for the 4.5 x 6cm size, and 51/2 for the 6 x 9cm size. I do not know the Zeiss number for the Erabox.

The Era box camera, which other than name is identical to the Baldur Box.