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Zeiss Ikon Bobette I and II

Zeiss Ikon inherited some of their most interesting designs from Ernemann, the Bobette line was one of the less well known examples. They are miniature folding cameras that foretell the future of photography. Both take 22x31mm images on paper backed 35mm film.

The Bobette I 549 was a strut folding camera, fitted with either a 50/4.5 Ernoplast, 40/8 Erid or 50/9 Frontor lens.

The Bobette II 548 is a folding bed camera, similar in design to the Vest Pocket Kodak. It was the first miniature camera to be offered with an f/2 lens. It could be had with a 50/3.5 Ernon, or the above mentioned 42/2 Ernostar.

Both cameras disappeared from the lineup early in the 1930's.