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Zeiss Ikon Cocarette

The Cocarette was an existing design Zeiss Ikon inherited from Contessa-Nettel in the merger. A medium quality rollfilm camera, it was available with Zeiss markings from 1926 until 1929. It was available in a number of sizes, and a number of models (including 207, 209, 514, 517, 518 and 519), some with lever focus on the bed and some with rise and fall. A few will accept plate holders as well as rollfilm.

They can be found fitted with Frontar, Dominar, Periskop, Novar and Tessar lenses in Compur (both dial and rimset), Klio and Derval shutters. There are 64 known lens and shutter combinations.

What all of these cameras have in common is that the backs do not open, they load from the side. You release the catch and the entire film holding mechanism slides out of the camera. And they all have single extension bellows.

A luxus version of the Cocarette was carried over from Contessa-Nettel as well. Finished in a beautiful light brown leather, with matching bellows and chrome hardware. They were available as 521/2 for 6 x 9cm, 521/15 for 6.5 x 11cm and 522/17 for 8 x 10.5cm. They could be had with Tessar or Dominar lenses.

The Zeiss Cocarette luxus model 521/2.

The Zeiss Cocarette 514/15.

The film loading through the side..