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Zeiss Ikon Colora and Colora F

The Colora was introduced in 1960 to replace the trouble prone Ikonette 35 as the bottom of the line 35mm camera. It was fitted with a 45/3.5 Novar, lacked rangefinder and exposure meter. It was given the Zeiss number 10.0641. In 1963 the lens was changed to a slightly faster 50/2.8 Novicar.

A second model, the Colora F, was added in 1964. it was the same as the Colora, except it had a built in reflector for AG-1 "peanut" flashbulbs under the accessory shoe. The rewind assembly had a flash calculator built in.

Both models were discontinued in 1965, probably yielding their market share to the 126 "Instamatic" format Ikomat cameras.