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115/3.5 Zeiss Panflex Tessar for Contax

The 115/3.5 Panflex Tessar.

Zeiss Ikon introduced the Panflex housing in 1951, but really didn't have any lenses that could take advantage of it until they released the 115/3.5 Panflex Tessar in 1954. It was four elements in three groups and had a semi-automatic diaphragm. The lens would focus from three feet to infinity. With a bellows unit, it could focus even closer. By this time most people who were shooting close-up photography were using the Exakta or one of the East German SLRs. Only two batches were made in Contax mount, 1308701-1309000 and 1876501-1876800 for a total of 300.

>The 115/3.5 Tessar, mounted on the Panflex housing on a Contax IIa.