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35/2.8 Zeiss Biometar for Contax

The 35/2.8 Biometar.

The Biometar was designed as a simpler and less expensive version of the 35/2.8 Biogon. Although legend has it that it was developed before the war, not hard evidence supports this. It was a five element/four group design. This lens was made only by Carl Zeiss Jena, although at least one example (3234529) was marked aus Jena, and another (3234589) was marked BM instead of Biometar, probably to avoid trademark restrictions.

Total production was about 1100 units, making it somewhat uncommon. They were all built with aluminum barrels.

The rear of the lens, with it's shorter rear element to accomodate the Contax II and IIa shutter.