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Zeiss Ikon Camera Cases for Contax

Zeiss built their cameras to be top notch instruments, and they felt they deserved the protection  afforded by top notch cases.  They were leather, and generally well built. They offered individual cases for each model of Contax they built, as well as cases for lenses and individual accessories. They also built compartment cases to hold both small, and fairly large systems.

The weakness of the individual camera cases were the leather hinge on the front. Over time, many have become dry, or have seen too much use, and the hinge becomes weak and tears through. Today you will see many of the cases whose hinge has been repaired, while not appealing cosmetically to the collector, still perfectly serviceable. The postwar camera cases also have a tendency to loose the leather panel on the nose containing the Zeiss logo.

A case for the Contax I.

Early style case for the Contax II.

Later style Contax II case.