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Zeiss Ikon Copy Stands and Reproduction Equipment for Contax

Not as glamorous as high speed lenses, copy stands and other reproduction equipment helped make the camera useful in many other fields, such as libraries, police agencies, medical and technical. They ranged in size from small units for copying slides, to large tabletop units complete with lighting. Although they were not sold in great quantity, most were used indoors under favorable conditions and show little signs of abuse. in fact, most of the damage these units have sustained has been from poor storage after they were retired from use.

A copy stand with lights.

A close up of the arm, with attached tape measure and ground glass viewer.

The same arm with a Contax III and 50/1.5 mounted.

Later style rotating stage with eye level prism and 50/3.5 Macro lens.

The 50/3.5 Tessar macro lens.

Front view of above lens.

The prism finder.

The clamp for attaching the copy outfit to a table top.