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Zeiss Ikon Lens Shades (Hoods) for Contax

Zeiss offered lens shades specific to the Contax, as well as other shades which would fit the Contax, as well as other cameras. The Contax specific shades mounted on the outer lens bayonet, and could only be used with the normal lenses, as they alone were mounted with the internal mount.

Early generic shades were finished in a crinkle or semi-gloss black paint over brass, and were unmarked except for the slip on diameter, and the word Germany. Later shades were aluminum, usually silver finish, marked with a Zeiss number and the size. Both styles can be found in slip on as well as threaded. The slip on accessories are marked "A" and then the size, such as A42 denoting a 42mm slip on. The threaded accessories would be marked as S40.5 for a 40.5mm thread.

The early style Contax specific shade.

Early style slip on shades for the 85/2 (left) and 50 Sonnars (right).

A postwar 40.5mm shade with it's box.