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Zeiss Ikon Contessamat, Contessamat SBE, STE, and SE

The Contessamat series filled the market niche left by the discontined Contessamatic and Contessa 35 series. The Contessamat SBE was the top of the line in this series. It had a coupled rangefinder, a coupled exposure meter, a 50/2.8 Tessar in Prontormatic shutter and flash contacts on the top, with a flash automation system which can link the aperture setting to the distance setting. The product code was 10.0652, and it was available from 1963-67.

The next step down was the Contessamat STE. But it lacked the flash automation feature and was only sold in 1965 and was product code 10.0656.

The Contessamat SE was like the STE, except the lens was a 45/2.8 Pantar, rather than the Tessar. It was product code 10.0654, and was available from 1963-65.

The lowest step was the Contessamat which lacked the rangefinder, and had a Prontormatic shutter with speeds 30-125. It was sold ffrom 1964-65.

The Contessamat SBE.

The Contessamat SE.

The Contessamat.