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Zeiss Ikon Duchessa

The Duchessa is a 4.5 x 6cm folding plate camera, with a combination of a drop bed and scissor struts. It appears that it was a close out of existing Contessa Nettel stock and parts, marked with the Zeiss Ikon logo. It was available with 75/6.8 Trianastigmat, 75/6.3 Nettar Anastigmat, 75/6.3 Citronar Doppelanastigmat, 75/6.3 Zeiss Tessar, 75/4.5 Zeiss Tessar, 6.3 Novar Anastigmat or 4.5 Dominar, in Derval or dial set Compur shutters.

It was dropped out of the catalog either in 1927 or 1929.