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Zeiss Ikon Halloh

The Halloh is a large folding camera for 8 x 10.5 on rollfilm. It is equipped with a 120/4.5 Tessar or Dominar in dial set Compur shutter, and single extension bellows. This camera was a model produced by Ica before the merger, and was only produced as a Zeiss Ikon model for only a short time.

This is a good example of the problems I have had in compiling these pages. All of the reference books list the Zeiss version as carrying the Zeiss catalog number of 505/1. The example I currently have is clearly marked 506/1. According to one source, the Ica version carried the numbers 505, 506, 510 and 511. Do all of these exist with the Zeiss name? The example I have carries no Ica markings, suggesting it was not from stock built before the merger with the Zeiss name added afterwards (this was a common practice with existing inventory, the cameras carrying both names).

The Zeiss Halloh 506/1.

Rear view with the back and rollfilm pressure plate removed.

A close-up of the focus scale. Note the two positions for film and plates.