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Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35 and Icarex 35 TM

The Icarex 35 was the first model of the new series. Because of the design specifications, it was not feasible to use either of the two existing 35mm SLR mounts they already had in production. The Contaflex mount was designed for a leaf shutter, front interchangeable lens cell camera. The Contarex mount had a complicated linkage to allow the lens diaphragm to be controlled from the camera body. So a new bayonet mount was created. It was designed so that minimal changes would have to be made between a camera with it and one in 42mm "Universal" or "Pentax" thread.

The Icarex 35 made it's debut  in 1966. The basic camera lacked an exposure meter, but did have interchangeable lenses and finders. It was a focal plane shutter SLR, with expected features like instant return mirror and lever wind.

In 1969 it was joined by the Icarex 35 TM. It was an identical camera except that it used the 42mm thread mount instead of the Icarex bayonet.

The finder could be replaced with either a simple folding waist level finder, or a through the lens CdS finder. The metered finder carried the nameplate "Icarex 35 CS", and would fit either model camera. It required the lens be stopped down to the working aperture to meter.

The Icarex 35 and 35 TM were both discontinued in 1971.

The Icarex 35, with prism and 50/2.8 Tessar.

The Icarex 35BM, with waist level finder and 50/2.8 Tessar.

The Icarex 35, with waist level finder and 50/2.8 Color-Pantar.

With the metered finder it becomes the Icarex CS.

The Icarex 35 TM with 50/1.8 Ultron.

The Icarex 35 TM with the CS meter finder, and the 35/3.4 Skoparex.

The three finders for the Icarex line, left to right CS metered finder, eyelevel prism finder and waist level finder.

A worn example of the original box. The bottom is only Styrofoam, there is no cardboard to it.