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Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35S BM and Icarex 35S TM

The Icarex 35S series was brought out in 1969 to supplement, not replace the earlier models. Like the Icarex 35, the 35S was available as a 35S BM for the Icarex bayonet mount lenses, or as a 35S TM for 42mm "Universal" or "Pentax" thread mount.

The Icarex 35S is much like the earlier camera, but it has a fixed prism finder and a built in CdS exposure meter. The meter is still of the stop down variety.

The 35S was also available in black paint finish. Many of the black paint models, and a few of the chrome models are engraved "Pro" on the front of the top plate, just below the rewind knob. It is unknown why these cameras are so marked as there appears to be no other difference between them and the unmarked cameras.

The Icarex 35S BM and 35S TM were both discontinued in 1971.

The Icarex 35 S TM with 50/1.8 Ultron.

The Icarex 35S in black finish, with the 50/2.8 Color-Pantar. Note the later style Zeiss Ikon/Voigtlander logo on the front.