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Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35 and 35S Bayonet Mount Lenses

Introduced with the Icarex 35 in 1966, with the exception of the 400/5 which apparently was introduced in 1968. This mount only fits the Icarex 35 and 35S BM, and nothing else. With the exception of the Color Pantar and the Tessar, these are all lens designs acquired from Voigtlander after they were absorbed by Zeiss.

The Icarex 35 and 35S were both discontinued in 1971. It's safe to assume the lenses were discontinued at the same time. They are:

35/4.5 Skoparex (11.2003)

50/2.8 Color Pantar (11.2001)

50/2.8 Tessar (11.2002)

50/1.8 Ultron (11.2014)

90/3.4 Dynarex (11.2004)

135/4 Super Dynarex (11.2005)

200/4 Super Dynarex (11.2008)

400/5 Telomar (11.2010)

36-82/2.8 Zoomar (11.2012)