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Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35 and 35S M42 Screw Mount Lenses

There is not a lot written about the Icarex cameras, and even less about the lenses. The Icarex thread mount models were brought out in 1969. It would make sense that the lenses were marketed simultaneously, as none of these lenses were new designs. However, some of these may have been introduced later. They would be the same lenses used on the Zeiss SL 706, which was built right up to the end (1972), so one could speculate the lenses were available until then as well.

These lenses are mounted with the universal 42mm thread mount developed by their rivals, the East German Zeiss at Jena. This lens mount was further made popular by Asahi Kogaku when it used it on their Pentax line of 35mm SLR cameras. The Distagon and Tessar were originally Zeiss designs, the rest were acquired from Voigtlander when they merged.

They are:

25/4 Distagon (11.3503)

35/4.5 Skoparex (11.3510)

50/2.8 Tessar (number not known)

50/1.8 Ultron (11.3502)

135/4 Super Dynarex (11.3511)

Thread mount lenses with their bubles, left to right, 135/4 Super-Dynarex, 50/1.8 Ultron and 35/3.4 Skoparex.