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Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Ic

The Ikoflex Ia was replaced in 1956 by two cameras, the Ikoflex Ib and Ic. The Ikoflex Ic was an Ikoflex Ib with the addition of an exposure meter built into the viewing hood. The cell was exposed by lifting the cover where the Ikoflex nameplate had traditionally been. The needle was visible, along with a scale, at the top of the ground glass. Like the Ikoflex IB, it had the folding shutter release the came out of the side of the camera and also had a redesigned focusing hood that opened and closed in one motion. The shutter was changed to a Prontor-SVS, and it was offered with either the 75/3.5 Tessar or a 75/3.5 Novar. It was discontinued in 1960 when Zeiss Ikon made the decision to abandon the medium format market.

It's product code is 886/16.

The Ikoflex Ic 886/16.

The meter cover open, and the meter inside the finder.