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Zeiss Ikon Ikonette 35

Zeiss once again re-used a name from the past with the introduction of the Ikonette in 1958. It was a gray plastic camera, sort of kidney shaped, and covered with a gray vinyl body covering. The shutter is wound and the shutter tensioned much like the earlier Tenax cameras, by pressing down on a long arm on the front of the camera. This lever does double duty, acting as the shutter release. The lens was a 45/3.5 Novar in Pronto, with speeds to 200 and flash synch. The price in 1959 was $29.95.

Although it was a very striking looking camera, they were prone to light leaks which became incurable, and the camera was withdrawn from the market in 1960. This camera's failure became an embarrassment for Zeiss, and they bought back and destroyed many of them. Because of this, these cameras are fairly difficult to find today.

The Ikonette 35.

One of the styles of case available for the Ikonette 35.