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Zeiss Ikon Lloyd and Stereo Lloyd

The Lloyd is a large folding camera that could be used to make images 8 x 10.5cm on rollfilm, 9 x 12cm on plates or cut film. It is very similar to the Zeiss Halloh, but was finished in fancier leather, and had shift, plus rise and fall front movements. It's history goes back to Huttig and 1905. Some had both a focal plane shutter as well as a between the lens leaf shutter, and was available in a couple of large sizes. It was continued after Huttig merged with Wunsche, Krugener and Carl Zeiss Palmos to form Ica, and was offered only in the one size. It was listed from 1926, when Ica merged with Contessa-Netter, Ernemann and Goerz to form Zeiss Ikon, as a carry over from the Ica line until 1929. The Zeiss number is 510/17.

A stereo version of the camera was also marketed by Huttig, and it shared a similar histoy. It is a drop bed folding camera, and could be had with Doppel Anastigmat Hekla, 135/6.8 Litonar or 135/6.8 Tessar lenses in Automat or Compur shutters. It made stereo images 8 x 14cm on rollfilm and 9 x 14cm on cut film or plates. The Stereo Lloyd was dropped from the Zeiss catalog in 1927.