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Zeiss Ikon Minimum Palmos

No camera goes back further into the history of Zeiss. In 1902 Carl Zeiss Jena acquired the small camera manufacturer Palmos A.G. It was to mark the beginning of camera manufacture under a Zeiss name. The company was spun off to operate independently as Carl Zeiss Palmos. One of their few products was the Minimum Palmos. It was a series of folding plate cameras with focal plane shutters. Carl Zeiss Palmos merged with Wunsche, Huttig and Krugener to form Ica in 1909.

The Mimimum Palmos was carried in their catalog until Ica merged into Zeiss Ikon. The camera didn't make the cut into the Zeiss production line. It is probable that cameras were sold with Zeiss ikon logos, but they were likely stock from before the merger, and/or cameras assembled from existing parts.

The Minimum Palmos was a drop bed camera in it's smallest size, 4.5 x 6cm, much like the Miniature Klapp from Ernemann. It was a strut folding camera in the 6.5 x 9cm, 9 x 12cm, 10 x 15cm, and 13 x 18cm sizes. Lenses were usually Tessars, but Triotars could be had.

The 4.5 x 6cm Minimum Palmos. This example was sold by Ica.

The same camera, closed.