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Zeiss Ikon Plaskop

The Plaskop line came from Ica, and was a simple trapezoidal box design. This was the less expensive of the stereo cameras offered. It was in two models and two sizes, all featuring simple shutters, all also capable of taking magazine backs holding 12 plates. The most basic model is the 602/1, which lacks the brilliant finder, relying upon a folding wire viewfinder for framing. It is the smaller 45 x 107mm format, and came equipped with f/12 lenses.

The "better" model was the 603 series. The 603/1 is also of the 45 x 107mm size, and also lacks the brilliant finder, but does have 60/6.8 Novar lenses. It was also available in the larger 6 x 13mm format as the 603/4, which  does have a brilliant finder.

The entire line ended in 1930, as the popularity in stereo faded at the end of the 1920's.