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Zeiss Ikon Stereax

The Stereax was a continuation of Deckrullo Stereo produced the Nettel Kamerawerk, which was renamed Stereax after they merged with Contessa to form Contessa-Nettel in 1919. When Contessa Nettel merged with Ica, Goerz and Ernemann to form Zeiss Ikon, the remaining existing stock was most likely marked Zeiss Ikon, and sold off without resuming production. The Stereax is much more common without the Zeiss markings, it was listed in the Zeiss catalog only until 1927.

The Stereax is a strut folding stereo camera with a focal plane shutter, and was available in both leather covered wood or tropical teak construction. It can be found only in the 6 x 13cm size, and with 90/4.5 Tessar, 120/4.5 Triotar or 100/3.5 Tessar lenses. The tropical models were only about 10% more in price in the Zeiss catalog.