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Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta B, Super Six and Super Ikonta BX

The Super Ikonta B and Super Ikonta BX are 6x6cm self-erecting folding cameras using 120 film. Unlike the Super Ikonta A, C and D cameras, they are a horizontal design. All feature a rotating wedge rangefinder, with the rotating wedge on an arm attached to the lens standard, but unlike the Super Ikonta A, C and D, it doesn't fold for storage. The first model was the Super Ikonta B 530/16, introduced in 1935. It has separate viewfinder and rangefinder windows, and was usually fitted with an 80/2.8 Tessar in Compur Rapid shutter, although it can occasionally be found with a 80/3.5 Tessar.

A version of the Super Ikonta B marked "Super Six" was sold in 1936, with the European tripod thread and marked only in meters. It is uncommon today.

In 1937 the Super Ikonta B 530/16 was replaced by the 532/16. The big improvement was a combined rangefinder and viewfinder. It was only available with the 80/2.8 Tessar. The shutter was Compur Rapid until 1951, when the shutter was changed to Synchro-Compur. In 1948 the black enameled lens standard was replaced with chrome. The camera was discontinued in 1956.

The Super Ikonta BX 533/16 was also introduced in 1937. It is essentially the same as the 532/16, but with a selenium exposure meter similar to that used on the Contax III mounted on the top, and with a chrome finished lens standard. In 1952 the size of the meter was reduced, and the shutter was changed to Synchro-Compur. The camera was discontinued in 1957.

The 530/16.

The 532/16.

The Later style 533/16.