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Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta D

The Super Ikonta D was the only Super Ikonta to use a film size other than 120. It was built to make 6.5 x 11cm images on 616 film, or could make 6.5 x 5.5cm images with a film plane mask. Released in 1934 with the Super Ikonta A and C models, it was just a larger version of the Super Ikonta C. It was given the Zeiss catalog number 530/15.

Like the first version of the Super Ikonta C, it lacked body release, double exposure release and Albada finder. The Super Ikonta D has a rotating wedge rangefinder with the rangefinder wedge located on an arm attached on a pivot to the lens board. The arm folds for storage. The lenses are uncoated, and the 120/4.5 Tessar is the most common lens found, although it can be occasionally found with a Triotar 4.5 lens in Klio shutter.

In 1936 the camera was fitted with an Albanda finder, a body release and double exposure prevention. The rangefinder was finished in chrome. The catalog number was changed to 531/15. It was discontinued in 1939.