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Zeiss Ikon Victrix

The Victrix is a small metal folding camera, of standard drop bed design. It was available only in the 4.5 x 6cm format. It was inexpensive, and a fairly basic camera, single extension bellows, no movements, but both brilliant and wire frame finders. Lenses include 75/6.3 Novar, 75/6.8 Helka75/4.5 Dominar or Tessars of either 75/6.3 or 4.5, in dial set Compur. Production actually dates back to around 1912, when it was a product of Ica. In 1926 Ica joined with Ernemann, Goerz and Contessa Nettel to form Zeiss Ikon. The Victrix was carried in the Zeiss catalog until 1931.