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Zeiss Ikon Steritar A (Contaflex I and II)

The Steritar A allowed stereo photography with the Contaflex I and II. It mounted via the Carrier Bracket (product code 20.0200) in front of the lens. This bracket cost $5.00 in May 1960, and was not included with any of the lens accessories, but rather had to be purchased separately.

The Steritar A, often marked 812, was product code 20.2004. A matching viewer, product code 20.2801 was available for $12.50. Also available for the viewer was a DC light for the viewer (20.2810 for $12.50) and a transformer to convert the DC light to AC (20.2819 for $7.00).

The Steritar A, pictured with the Carrier Bracket, the rear cap, the front cap and the light baffle 814/02.

Rear view of the Steritar .