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Zeiss Ikon Teleskop 1.7x (Contaflex I and II)

The Contaflex I and II had a fixed lens, but Zeiss offered one telephoto lens for the pair of cameras, the Teleskop 1.7x. It mount via the Carrier Bracket (product code 20.0200) in front of the lens. This bracket cost $5.00 in May 1960, and was not included with any of the lens accessories, but rather had to be purchased separately.

Teleskop 1.7x, which as the name suggests, increased the focal length by 1.7x. It's product code is 11.1203, and cost $53 in 1960.

The 1.7x Teleskop lens.

Front and back views of the carrier bracket .

The Teleskop mounted on a Contaflex II using the carrier bracket 20.0200.