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35mm Zeiss Pro-Tessar for Contaflex

The 35/4 Pro-Tessar was an interchangeable front cell for the Contaflex III and IV when it was introduced in 1956. It would also fit the Rapid, both Supers, the Super B and Super BC . It was a seven element design and took 49mm filters.

It was replaced in 1961 by the 35/3.2 Pro-Tessar, with the same mount, same filter size and also seven elements. That design was again replaced in 1962 with a version using 60mm filters, still seven elements

These Pro-Tessar lenses are prone to separation in the front cell. The cement that holds the front two elements together tends to fail at the edges, leaving an affect that looks like oil on water.

The 35/4 Pro-Tessar for Contaflex, with the bubble (the mount is broken out of the bottom of the bubble).

Rear view of the 35/4 .

The 35/3.2 Pro-Tessar for Contaflex, with the bubble and front cap. This is the 60mm filter size version.

Rear view of the 35/3.2 .

This is what separation on Pro-Tessar lenses typically looks like .