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50mm Zeiss Pro-Tessar M 1:1 for Contaflex

The 50mm Pro-Tessar M 1:1 was an interchangeable front cell for the Contaflex, IV, Rapid and Super when it was introduced in 1959. It would also fit the III, Super New, the Super B and Super BC, but with one caveat . The basic Tessar lens was recomputed about the time the Super New came out, and the M 1:1 was changed slightly. Lenses designed for the old computation will not fit the newer cameras, and vice-versa (this was also true of the 50mm front elements). Nominally the lenses have a working aperture of f/5.6.

These Pro-Tessar lenses six elemnts.

The 50mm Pro-Tessar M 1:1 for Contaflex, with its case.